Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Jack

Jack Hailey (John Wesley Shipp), is a broken man. After losing his wife Erin to a horribly long battle against cancer, he has become a hollowed out shell of his former self. Now a self loathing drinker, Jack spends his days working as an architect and his nights wallowing in pity over his loss. The only thing he has left that has kept him stable over the years is his doting daughter, Jessica. To him, she represents all that was once good in his life and has become subject to Jack's idolization. She is his "angel" and therefore is perfect in every way and can do no wrong. This slanted view of his daughter has kept him blind to her true nature for years.

John Wesly Shipp was originally cast back in 2008 after speaking with director, Chris .R. Notarile. Chris had been a fan of John's work for years and though the two had met in 2005, Chris did not have a role to offer, that was worthy of John's talent, till much later.

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