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Daddy's Girl on Indie Gogo.


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Daddy's Girl on IMDB.... FINALLY!!!

After what seemed like an eternal battle with the admins and fact checkers, "Daddy's Girl" is FINALLY on IMDB where is belongs. I anticipate this will help expedite the pre-production/funding process much more quickly. Check out the link below.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet Jack

Jack Hailey (John Wesley Shipp), is a broken man. After losing his wife Erin to a horribly long battle against cancer, he has become a hollowed out shell of his former self. Now a self loathing drinker, Jack spends his days working as an architect and his nights wallowing in pity over his loss. The only thing he has left that has kept him stable over the years is his doting daughter, Jessica. To him, she represents all that was once good in his life and has become subject to Jack's idolization. She is his "angel" and therefore is perfect in every way and can do no wrong. This slanted view of his daughter has kept him blind to her true nature for years.

John Wesly Shipp was originally cast back in 2008 after speaking with director, Chris .R. Notarile. Chris had been a fan of John's work for years and though the two had met in 2005, Chris did not have a role to offer, that was worthy of John's talent, till much later.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Jessica

Jessica Hailey (Zoe Sloane), by day, is your typical girl next door. At first glance, she is sweet, innocent, charming and outgoing. But the real Jessica is something much darker and sadistic. By night, Jessica is a twisted, deviant sociopath. She is manipulative and highly sexual with a heart of ice. To know the real Jessica is a scary thing.

Zoe Sloane was actually, the third person to take on the role of "Jess". The role originally had been cast back in 2008 and then again in 2009, but due to a series of professional differences between the producers and those actresses respectively, "Jess" was forced to be recast. The part eventually went to Zoe after a stunning audition. She was offered the role immediately.

Daddy's Girl (The Movie)

Hello everyone and welcome to the official Daddy's Girl blog. I am Chris .R. Notarile, the writer and director of Daddy's Girl. I am also the mastermind behind all things Blinky Productions. Below you will find a lovely outline briefly describing what the film is about.

'A twisted suspense thriller about a manipulative teenager who convinces her widower/alcoholic/over protective father, that the boy she asked out on a date, beat and raped her, when in fact he turned down her advances. But no amount of facts can persuade this enraged father. No one hurts daddy's girl.'

The film is scheduled to go into production this spring/summer with an anticipated 2011 release. Stay tuned as more updates come in.